Indonesia: Family travel series

As a vanity project due to my personal love of Indonesia, it would be remiss of me to provide a guide for the best ways to enhance your next journey to Indonesia. I have been to Indonesia countless times. My best adventures have been with my daughter as seen on my blog- Why travelling to Indonesia enhanced my daughter’s language development). This country enhanced my daughter’s bilingual ability to speak both English and Bahasa Indonesian. However, there are other benefits you and your family can utilise.

The upcoming blog series will help guide your planning should you decide to venture to Indonesia. As espoused by Joko Widodo (Indonesia’s current president as of the time of this series), tourists should venture to more places outside of Bali (focus outside of Bali). The intent is to help promote Indonesia as a great destination for your family if you are still undecided on your next destination or have reservations about travelling to Indonesia.

Watch out for The Chaperone’s Indonesia series of in the next couple of weeks!!

N.B- this series is not for your schoolie looking for the best Bali party guide or the over funded yuppie looking to blow their money at a shopping centre. You have come to the wrong blog.

Happy Travelling!!

Chris & Ariana.


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  1. REALLY looking forward to what you have to say! so far we have only made it as far as Bali but would love to go much further afield.

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