Batu: Indonesia’s secret city of exploration for kids.

Travel date January 2016

Batu Zoo
The ringtail lemurs were a sight to behold at Batu Zoo

In continuation of my blog for the best family friendly places in Indonesia. Batu would be considered one of my favourite places.

During our yearly trip to Indonesia, a relative recommended a road trip to the city of Batu (or Kota Batu). At the time we were visiting close relatives in my mother’s home town of Surabaya. Not much was expected of this city, we thought it would just serve as a stopover on a whole day road trip. However, we were greatly surprised at the child friendly museums and attractions that fascinated Ariana. We did not expect Batu to offer many attractions which included, wondrous mountain ranges, a world class zoo and intriguing museums. On this particular journey, we visited Batu’s secret Zoo and Museum Angkut. This city provided Ariana with the opportunity to develop her sense of exploration. Becoming explorative in nature provides an avenue for children to become involved and confident learners. The more Ariana became involved with the attractions she encountered, the more her confidence increased in understanding her own development. Providing your child with the confidence to explore through travel, encourages greater security to try out new ideas. Ariana’s exposure to the city of Batu created a sense of adventure and exploration which improved her confidence to further seek out new experiences.

Museum Angkut
Museum Angkut had replica portions of London, Berlin, Paris and USA.

The city of Batu is an hour drive from the city of Surabaya. It is best known for being a getaway destination for rich families who own holiday homes within the mountainous Batu region. The first destination was Museum Angkut, this museum is a specialised transport museum that showcases historical and future forms of transport. It also features mock villages and cities of places like Paris, Berlin, London, Jakarta, Hollywood and Las Vegas. For Ariana the mock cities created a sense of adventure, by transporting her to a different city or generation of transport. Ariana seemed to be deeply fascinated and wanted to venture more within the museum (even after the exhibitions had finished). The urge to explore aided Ariana’s confidence within the Museum Angkut, as she was determined to view every exhibit which was on offer.

The Batu Secret Zoo is the most complete zoo I have ever visited. It has all animals of every persuasion, big cats, elephants, monkeys, reptiles and birds. I can honestly say that this is more compelling than Singapore Zoo and Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. The great attractions are the big cats which have its own black panther, leopard, tiger and lion enclosures which are on their own are very intriguing. Ariana had never been that close to big cats before and did not seem overawed or intimidated by the big cats on display.

In fact, she got closer to the enclosure every time the big cats came past. This was a great indication of Ariana’s increased confidence. Her exposure to the big cats assured her that the big cats were to be respected through their amazing presence. After the big cat enclosures, Ariana continued to be amazed by the big cats, through her constant recount of her encounter with the big cats. To this day Ariana is now closely enamoured by her grandparent’s cat. To quantify the development of her explorative nature, it is important to note that she was quite hesitant when dealing with animals before our visit to the Batu Secret Zoo. This is not to say that your child will become less hesitant around animals after one zoo visit, but rather it is a good way to expose your child to the animal kingdom in a secured environment. The security provided to your children (away from the animals) enables your child to grow their confidence to explore and grow closer to animals.

My daughter was not intimidated by the big cats, due to her experience at Batu Zoo.

Overall if there is one city that is recommended for children visiting Indonesia, then Batu is a great location to develop your child’s explorative nature. If your child has a great urge to explore, then it a sure sign that they possess inner confidence. Travelling to foreign cities is a great developer of confidence if they are able to venture to a new city in full knowledge that they will be in a secure environment. The secure nature of the Batu Secret Zoo enabled Ariana to grow closer to animals, the secure environment of Museum Angkut, compelled Ariana to learn more about the transport displays and mock cities. Once your child develops an effective explorative character, then they well become more involved learners.  Hence why travel is a great source of inspiration to greater develop their explorative nature.

Other great attractions also include:

Batu Night Spectacular is a great getaway for your child.

Happy Traveling!!
Chris & Ariana.


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